Cacti – No Graphs, nan data once populated

Working on moving rrdtool graphs over to Cacti after enough fun with other platforms… It was a bit of an adventure!

Using CentOS 6.2 x86, I installed the prereqs and Cacti package as instructed. At first, there were no graphs. After a bit of playing around, set a log on the cron entry for poller.php – not much info aside from a single entry stating that the user was invalid.

I tested the script as the Cacti user and guess what- ended up with rrd files in the rra folder, including graphs within Cacti! Deleted all references to the cronjob under root (including the one in /etc/cron.d/) and recreated it under my Cacti user. Deleted the definitions within Cacti and deleted the rrd files in the rra folder. What do you know… graphs again, via cron!

This led to another problem- no data. -nan shown for all data. After 30 minutes of searching the web, found a helpful suggestion that fixed the issue! After install, run a “chmod +s” on the poller script- suddenly, data!

What fun… now to play with the system!

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